The history of the group of companies

Background of the group of companies "Ost-Invest-und-Bauprojektmanagement” began in 1983 when an international construction company “ABV-Allgemeine Bauten-Vertriebsgesellschaft G.m.b.H.“ turned its gaze to the Soviet Union, which later led to the implementation of specific projects. Austrian experts, having implemented these projects, have received extensive experience in the specific Soviet and later in the post-Soviet conditions, and management of the company quickly realized that this will require a comprehensive implementation of projects, i.e., one that goes beyond just the construction itself, and includes complete preparation of projects, which includes planning, design, planning, finance, operation and management.

In 1995 the company “Ost-Invest-und-Bauprojektmanagement G.m.b.H” was founded to implement this approach, which makes it possible for customers to entrust their projects to one company to perform all or some stages in a timely manner by highly qualified specialists.

Due to the high responsibility, honesty, openness, and serious approach, we managed to get a reputation as reliable partners in projects implementation in Ukraine, Russia and Georgia.

Progressive changes in the last few years in the construction market and the legal system of Ukraine, the approximation of Ukraine to European standards, persuaded the Austrian major company in 2003 to create a subsidiary company "OST-INVEST-und Bauproektmenedzhment-Ukraine", as the only construction company that is capable along with parent company to offer comprehensive services in the construction industry. Even the first years of the subsidiary are encouraging that this model of integration has a promising future. The company has its own developer base with railway lines, warehouses, hangars, tower crane, concrete and mortar plants, all the necessary equipment, modern formwork and tools.

Successful activity of Ukrainian company, as well as the needs and specifics of the construction market in Russia have become the basis for the establishment in 2005 of the Branch of the parent company of «Ost-Invest-und-Bauprojektmanagement G.m.b.H »in Tiumen, as well as the subsidiary "Invest-East Russia ", LLC. The companies have all the necessary construction machinery, equipment, transportation, and the main casing of highly skilled professionals. This gave the opportunity to sign a multiyear contract for the construction of a residential district in Tiumen, which was begun in 2005 and successfuly completed in 2010. From 2014 both firms don't function any more.

Based on the market condition of Ukraine in the sphere of real estate in 2003 the company "ITM-Immobilien" Ltd. was founded.

In 2012-2014 the group increased its presence geographically, and completed contracts for building a network of supermarkets in Belrus and for project development in construction and alternatice energy in Kazachstan.

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