The components of an integrated approach to the preparation and implementation of projects


    Development of conceptual architectural design
    Preliminary assessment of the availability and possibilities
for building the necessary infrastructure (gas, electricity, heating)
    Preliminary assessment of construction costs, including the costs of infrastructure,
including water supply
    Preparation of feasibility studies
            > Development of the feasibility study project
            > Architecture
            > Construction (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electricity)
    Developing of a "long list" of applicants for contracts for
            > General contractor (including with the East-Invest)
            > Construction
            > Construction services
            > Facades establishment
            > Interior and finishing works
    Pre-qualification evaluation of bidders
    Organization and conduction of meetings of the Coordinating Committee (investors, Ost-Invest)
at this and the next phases of the project.
    Coordination of meetings with senior and financial institutions.

Project Phase - stage A

    Preparation of detailed project
            > Architecture
            > Designs (static)
            > Construction
    Working of tender documentation
            > , , Construction, including infrastructure, water supply and sanitation
            > Construction Services
            > Device facades
            > Interior and finishing work
    Proposals of bidders
    Technical and commercial evaluation of bids
    Preparation of the "short list" of candidates
    Participation in decision-making based on tender and working of the contract condition in
collaboration with the lawyers of the investor

Project Phase - stage B

    Conclusion and control of contracts
    Settlement of commercial matters
            > Claim work
            > Deviation
            > Flow control
            > Accountancy
    Construction management
            > Current planning / planning stages
            > Control of works on site
            > Approval of the project documentation and materials for work delievery
            > Approval of drawings and models (architecture, design (static),
and construction services)

Project Phase - stage C

    Completion of the project preparation
            > Collection of drawings and documentation for building permit
            > Preparation of final documentation for the full exploitation of object buildings
            > The procedure for pre-delivery of the object
            > The procedure for the final delivery of object
    The final financial report and statement of expenditure
    The transfer to the project investor

Additional services (separate agreements)

    Preparation of furniture design and tender for a supplier
    The same goes for the electronic management system
    The same goes for special equipment
    Organization of make-up rooms

EXPRESS-feasibility study

Express-feasibility study provides an opportunity to make a rough estimate of the cost of each project.  
Rapid-feasibility study presents:

    The concept of zoning, buildings and land ("Square")
    A preliminary calculation of the cost of construction ("Value")
    The calculation of the efficiency of the construction and operation of facilities in the format of the
profit and expenses, cash flows, evaluation of the effectiveness of the investment or loan funds
("Income and expense")
    Plan and schedule of repayment of construction works ("Term schedule").
    A preliminary calculation of the cost of operation ("Payments")

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